Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My GF Family

Our family consists of Father, Dog, Son, and me, Mom.  Father and Son are not GF. Dog and Mom are.  Yes, that’s right, even Dog. Dog is a 5 year old Frenchie.  We ‘adopted’ her at 10 months. She was our starter family.  We thought it best to start with Dog and have her trained and ready for her new companion when he or she finally arrived.  So Dog was pampered and mostly trained - as trained as she’ll ever be - when Son arrived on the scene.  Our planning was not as smart as we thought it was though, as Son does not feel warm and fuzzy thoughts about Dog and they are both wishing they had our full attention. You should hear us trying to convince Son that Dog is a good buddy....and then turning to Dog’s mournful face and trying to convince her that Son loves her. 

Back to Dog’s GF story though... she had a couple of seizures a few years ago and several vet’s visits later (thank goodness for pet insurance) we still had no idea why, except that at the time they happened, she was severely frightened by the sound of a lawnmower.  After that, she frequently suffered from head tremors. Every time we changed Dog’s food her stool would get really ...messy.  After the seizures, not only would her stool get messy when we changed her food, but also, she would start having ongoing head tremors every time.  So we always reverted to the same old food.  
A few months ago a light bulb went off in my head, and started to wonder if perhaps she could have a gluten intolerance as well. There was only one way to find out....change her food to a grain free diet and see what happens.  We looked at several brands, and while I’m sure there are many great ones, we settled on FROMM’s Salmon Tunalini.  It was in the middle price range and a brand we trusted. We made the change ever so gradually, just like every other time.  Normally even after the first few mini feedings of a new food, Dog would start her awful head tremors. She would look like one of those dashboard bobble head dolls, and it broke my heart.  This time was finally different though.  No head tremors. She still gets them from time to time if she’s startled, but only for a few minutes and then they’re gone.  That’s enough evidence for me to say that Dog has a gluten intolerance too.  She still gets her glutenous ‘snacks’ off the floor when Son drops crumbs, but for the most part she’s GF too.  My opinion is that changing her food to a grain free diet has changed her health drastically.  Like mother like daughter....

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