Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Where it all began...

At 32, I was a  mom of an active one year old. Trying to keep up with him and the demands of my job, I felt drained, exhausted, and generally unhealthy despite my healthy lifestyle and lack of any major illnesses.  On the advice of a family member I paid a visit to a NAET practitioner who began testing and treating me for food intolerances.  He suggested that I had an intolerance to many things, grains included.  Wheat, oats, barley, and corn. He began treating me for these intolerances with the hope that I would be able to keep them in my diet.  After about five visits he suggested that I try removing all gluten related grains from my menu and see how I feel.  I left his office that day sure that he couldn’t be right and that gluten had no effect on my body or health. I decided that I would try his advice - just to prove him wrong.  Within two days I realized the only person I proved wrong was myself.  

I had always been a fairly low energy individual. My family and I had always thought this was just part of my personality.  My head always felt cloudy and thinking straight was more of a struggle than I ever let on to anyone.  Within two days of starting my gluten free diet, the fog that had settled permanently around my head began to clear.  I no longer experienced grueling abdominal cramps after eating my morning cereal.  I had discovered that for years I had experienced a gluten intolerance and never really connected the dots until I eliminated it from my diet.  It wasn’t easy cutting out gluten and giving up the things I love to eat.  Early in this discovery I had my moments of weakness and on occasion I cheated.  Each time I cheated I paid the price, and for a few days after my momentary lapse in dietary sense I had difficulties keeping my train of thought, or even just staying awake.  Gluten intolerance effects everyone differently and while I have never been formally diagnosed with Celiac disease I no longer doubt that is exactly what I have.  I don’t need a test to tell me to stay away from gluten when my body has already told me loud and clear it is toxic to my body.

While I don't intend my blog to be specifically about my experience with Celiac, it has become a focus of my life. I am new to blogging.  My intention is to write about my day-to-day experiences as a mom, living gluten-free, and hectic family life that goes with both being a mom and living gluten free.  I will share my successes, and challenges with those with have a shared interest. 


Lisa B said...

Congrats on your blog! I'll definately stayed tuned and pass it along to anyone & everyone.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing really - isn't it? The web-site GlutenFreeWorks has a list of over 300 signs & symptoms associated with gluten intolerance. I must recommend the book WHEATBELLY to all who think they are tolerant of wheat - it ain't the grain our gramma "Cows" used to cook with. It's so genetically modified that it doesn't even genetically resemble the wheat from years past. A Monsanto conglomerant spokesperson is quoted as opposing labelling of genetically modified food products because it would destroy their business. His quote, "We might as well put a skull and cross-bones on it." Doesn't THAT sound delish! I'll eat your quinoa sslad and sorghum flour bread any day of the week Sista! Here's to no more brain fog, back aches, PMS, irritability and fatigue!