Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Celiac - Safe and Unsafe Foods

When I first went gluten free, I was very confused about what I could and could not eat. My first step was to cut out all carbs because I had no idea what was safe....and that got pretty boring for this carb girl. So I set out to do some research.

When I was younger and wanted to know something, my parents directed me to our encyclopedia set. Remember those!?  I am pretty sure that we our set used and that it was published in the 1960s, maybe even the 50s.  I wonder what I would find under 'Celiac' or 'Gluten Free' if I still had those encyclopedias.

It didn't take me long to launch my hi-tech search for what on earth to eat. I have found the internet to be the best source of information and recipes.  I do have a couple of cookbooks, and they are great, but the Internet has proven to be the most educational, and free, which is always nice.

There are many sites that helped me figure this gluten free thing out. But the most beneficial was likely They have a lot of information, including a list of safe unsafe foods and ingredients.  It's not as simple as looking for wheat, barley, etc. in the ingredient have to look for the hidden gluten.  Gluten is sneaky!  I have the lists printed and keep them in my cupboard.  I know others who have even printed them to keep in their purse for when grocery shopping. Definitely handy to have.


Anonymous said...

As a "newbie" I found those lists helpful too. But now that I've "detoxed" gluten from my diet, I just find it frustrating when forums claim that certain things are gluten free and I KNOW they are not. For example, forums and safe food lists that wine, and eggs, is gluten free. Wheat paste is sometimes used to seal barrels, and tocopheryl (vit. E) in eggs from hens fed grains causes a reaction is the very sensitive. In fact, grocery store chicken that bears the label : grain fed chickens, causes a reaction that takes days for me to recover from. Sneaky wheat. I don't think science has expanded as much as the scientific community thinks it has - there is still a lot more to be discovered about the wheat that lurks in much of our food.

Anonymous said...

Another good resource
300+ signs and symptoms of gluten sensitivity / celiac

And who was it who was just denying, "Oh. I'm fine with wheat." Time will tell eh?