Friday, May 25, 2012

Gluten Free Egg Salad Sandwich

When I was a young girl, and our family went on road trips, there was no stopping at a fast food restaurant for a treat. Well at least this was the case most of the time.  Often the only options available was a tuna salad or egg salad sandwich. I didn't like either of these unfortunately.  I can still faintly hear my parents saying something about liking it when I grew up, and of course I never thought I would.  Now, in my 30s, I must have crossed into the 'grown up' world, because I enjoy only took me 30 years.  As a child, sandwiches were boring and gross. Now, as an adult, they're a quick, easy, cost effective nutritious meal - as long as they're made with gluten free bread.

It took me several attempts to find an edible gluten free bread.  When I first went gluten free I tried several types of bread before deciding that I must be able to make a loaf that tastes better then the store bought gluten free versions.  So I gave up on the prepackaged loaves and moved to perfecting my recipe.  I did perfect my recipe but that is for another post.  Sometimes there just isn't time to make a loaf of bread.  And one of those times was when we were on the road visiting family. Husband ran in to a grocery store and came out with a loaf of Udi's  I took my first bite apprehensively. And then I got scared. I hadn't read the label or ingredients before taking that bite, and I was worried that it wasn't gluten free. The texture, the was heavenly for a gluten free bread.  It was so good that I kept eating it without even checking the label to be sure it wasn't glutenous. I guess I figured that I was already one bite in and it tasted amazing, so crossed my fingers and kept eating.  When I finally got to read the label I had a huge sigh of relief.  Udi's is the best gluten free packaged bread that I have found yet, and I will likely stop looking now that I have found it!

I am sure most people don't need a recipe for egg salad sandwiches.
But I'll post the ingredients I use anyways.

2 eggs hard boiled, diced
2 tbspns gluten free mayonaise
1 stalk of celery, diced
1 green onion, chopped

Mix, spread, and eat.
Yummy. Yes mom. You heard me right. Yummy.
And Son likes them too.  He must be more mature than I was at his age.

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Anonymous said...

I like 'em too! Easy, tasty and packed full o' good stuff!