Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Square Foot Gardens

The simple life.  That is what I want. But how?  With all the demands of our time and attention in this modern day world?  This post isn't going to reveal and big answers, as I haven't found them yet.  Life with food intolerances makes life a little more hectic and complicated.  Grocery stores have come a long way to recognize the need to carry products for those with food intolerances, especially celiac disease. (I plan to write on some of my favourites in a separate posts.)  But the cost for a lot of these products is taking it's toll on my bank account.  I also prefer to eat foods sans preservatives, which means more fruits and vegatables for our family.  I buy organic whenever possible, but again, the cost is taking it's toll on my bank account as well.  Last year I started a small garden to try my hand at producing my own food.  Good wholsome food.  It did okay, but got crowed out by other plants as I used existing flower beds.  Bad idea.  This year, I will be starting a new square foot garden - two to be exact.  Husband and Father-inlaw built me two beautiful 4'x5' gardens. It has been too cool to plant outdoors, but I have started my organic seedlings inside. In the mean time, Son has been taking good care of Mom's gardens, faithfully planting saw dust and using them for his trucks. In fact, Son enjoyed my garden so much that Father built him his own raised garden this past weekend.  We're definitely raising a farmer.
Son liked my gardens so much he now has his own!

My two raised garden beds. And planter pots for tomatoes.
I have been planning two potato towers as well.  Now these are not my idea and I have to give full credit to a poster on Pinterest for this one (I love Pinterest!). I'll be sure to post pictures of them when I finally get them built. I'm not sure how my gardens will fair, and I'm also not sure how much money it will truly save me, but I'm hoping that it will help bring me back to simple life.  I realize that it will take a time out of my already hectic schedule.  Perhaps Husband and Son will lend a helping hand to keep them in good shape and harvest the fruits of our labours.  Besides this, I think we'll be able to take pride in creating our own food rather than depending on someone else (massive grocery stores, and Joe Mega Farmer) to help put food on our table that is free of pesticides and genetic modification.

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