Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Our Potato Towers

This weekend was beautiful.  The sun was shining and I had an opportunity to play in my garden.  I loved it. Gardening is like therapy for me - free, provided by mother nature.  My first task at hand was to build my potato towers.  I know, sounds a bit unconventional, but they're a pretty awesome idea.   I can't take credit for the idea. I got it from a poster on Pinterest (have I mentioned how much I love Pinterest?). We have a fairly large back yard, but not enough space to grow potatoes the conventional way, and have room for Son to run and jump and play.  So when I saw the post on potato towers I knew it was the answer to my puzzle.

I used one roll of chicken wire, a newspaper, garden soil, and two boxes of seed potatoes.

First I split the roll of wire in half (approximately) and made two tall wire cylinders, using wire to sew the ends together.

Next I placed newspaper along the outside edge and added a foot of soil, placed my potato seeds along the outside edge, layered with another foot of soil and another layer of potato seeds. There are 3 layers of potato seeds in each tower. One tower of white potatoes, one tower of red.

My towers are not as pretty as the Pinterest version as I could not find straw and had to use newspaper along the outside instead.  If all works well, I should get 60lbs of potatoes from each tower.  This will be way too many potatoes for a family of 3 to eat, so my plan is to cut and freeze them as fries and home fries to be used over the winter months.


Anonymous said...

Neat potato towers.
Have you read/heard anything about surrounding the towers in black tyvek (or something of the sort -BLACK) to increase passive solar energy/uptake?
P.S. Hay/straw can contain gluten. Your instinct to go without was a good idea! This sister's SON is suffering from playing with a bale this weekend.

Anonymous said...

If you keep the potatoes at the right temp they will be fine all winter. In an unheated but insulated space. My I laws keep them in their garage and they are fine all winter. We kept them In the garage until it got too cold (our garage is not insulated) then moved them to the unfinished part of our basement and we were eating garden potatoes till end of februarish. I don't know that they freeze well.

Anonymous said...

Hope it works out for you!! Great way to save space in your yard if it's small....
Do you think you would try sweet potatoes also?