Monday, May 14, 2012

Son vs. the Black Flies

The black flies won.

We headed out of town this past weekend to spend mothers' day with Husbands's mom.  Bug season began this weekend and they were swarming!  Son had a bug jacket on for a while but it got too stinking hot to keep it on, and that's when the black flies got their best shot.  One bite on Son's eyelid was what it took for him to look like he had been in a boxing match.  It just looked like a regular bug bite to start, but by bedtime his eye lid had begun to swell and when he woke up this morning it was swollen shut.  We gave him a dose of Benedryl hoping that would take the swelling down but it did not.  So a quick call to Telehealth told us we should see a doctor, and off to the hospital we went...for a bug bite!

We arrived at just the right time apparently because we were first in line to get in, but by the time we left just under 2 hours later, there was at least 20 waiting in line for admitting.  A wonderful Nurse Practitioner said everything looked fine but that if it starts to hurt or if he gets a fever we'll be back in emerg for intravenous antibiotics - 3x!  So our fingers are crossed hoping this doesn't get worse for son.  And for now all we can do is keep ice packs on his shiner of an eye. Yeah right.  Have you tried to get ice on a 3 year old's eye?  This little monkey doesn't sit still long enough.

Poor little guy.  All this from an itty bitty black fly.

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Anonymous said...

Poor, poor kid.........hope you got that black-fly good.