Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Careful of Gluten in Homeopathic Tinctures

I have been seeing a Naturopath for almost a year to treat my endometriosis.  This is another long story and long journey to health for me, but I will give the short version as it likely isn't that interesting to many.  I have been dealing with endometriosis for several years (this too without knowing it) and about a year before Son was born developed a cyst on my ovary that would grow to the size of a lemon and then burst or leak.  Excruciating is all I have to say.  I went the route of Western Medicine at the time and after Son was born was put on the pill to control the cyst using synthetic hormones.  When that wasn't working anymore I was almost ready to go under the knife to fix things.....but thought I'd give naturopathic treatment a go first.  I am soooo glad that I made that decision.  I haven't felt better. Yes, the cyst is likely still there but it has been behaving itself and we've been living symbiotically for some time now.

Okay, so on to the point of my post.  Up until this point, most of my remedies have been in supplement format.  This past week I was prescribed Quasia and Thuja tinctures by my Naturopath, from Pascoe.  Given that tinctures are often based in alcohol (which can be grain derived), I was a bit worried so fired off an e-mail to the company to inquire.

Their response set my mind at ease:

"The ethanol used in our products derives from beet or cane.  It is gluten free.


Jane Yang
Regulatory Affairs/Quality Assurance Manager


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Anonymous said...

You know, I was just wondering the same thing about the alcohol in homeopathic remedies. I was going to inquire the next time we had an appointment. I still will - and it's neat to know our minds were thinking alike. Leave it to your thorough nature to have the request and reply from the company up in short order.