Saturday, June 23, 2012

Gluten Free Tunalini Salad

As I mentioned in a previous post, I only just began enjoying tuna within the past couple of years.  Tuna always used to evoke an uncontrollable gag reaction from me (salmon still does this).  One of my favourite recipes for tuna is a tuna noodle salad. It is perfect for days when there is little time to cook dinner.  I use frozen peas too, and this helps to cool off the noodles quickly.  When Son is being fussy with his food, I always know that he will consume this tuna noodle salad.  I use rice noodles by Rizopia, and Gluten Free mayo by Nutrimax.  Now, I just recently noticed that this mayo has Soy in it (I'm not supposed to have soy either), so I will be on the hunt for a new GF mayo.

Rice noodles
Frozen Peas (and/or other fresh veggies)
1 green onion or chives
1 can flaked light tuna in water, drained
GF Mayo

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