Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Late Spring Garden Update

Our garden is flourishing.  Luckily we have had a fair amount of rain mixed with beautiful sunshine over the last few weeks and this is likely helping with keeping things green and growing.  We have 12 tomato plants, 3 cabbages, 2 celery, garlic, green onions, peas, beans, swiss chard green peppers, cucumbers, carrots, and potatoes growing. Planted but yet to make their debut in our garden is pumpkin, corn, and lettuce.  Twelve tomato plants is a bit excessive, I know. The seeds I started indoors aren't growing so well, so I broke down and bought tomato plants. I wanted both baby tomatos and regular tomatoes and as they were sold in trays of 6 I didn't have much choice but to buy 12 plants.  We ended up purchasing 3 more planter containers and then I found some buckets to plant the remainder in. The buckets were from protein powder so I am not so worried about the plastic not being food grade.  Husband has drilled some holes in the bottom of the buckets to let excess water out and prevent the plants form rotting. 

Son has been super helpful with the garden. On the days where we have not had rain and it needs some water he has been really good about helping me to water the garden in the evening before we go in for bath and bed time. He also helps to weed and is really good about asking which ones he can pull.

Husband and Son installed our rain barrel a few weeks ago and so far we have not had to use any city water for the garden.  I love that a) we are not using chemical laden water on our fresh veggies, and b) we are not paying for water to water the garden.  Well, I guess that is not completely true. Son has a small pool in the back yard that we fill with tap water.  Rather than just dump the water on the grass when it gets old and sandy we have used some of it on the garden.

I am so happy to see our garden growing, but I think the plants I am most pleased with are the potato towers.  Father-in- Law is a traditional farmer and when he saw my potato towers he scoffed and had a good chuckle saying he wanted to see them grow.  So now we have a bit of a competition of sort going.  My potato plants are growing super well.  So well that when Father-in-Law saw them he still had a bit of a smirk on his face, but was surprised to see how well they were growing. Of course I will have no idea how many potatoes it produces until harvest time.  Fingers crossed that I can prove to Father-in-law traditional farmer man that new ways of doing things are not always silly.

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Anonymous said...

Very nice - love the potatoe towers! Handsome family too :)