Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Magical Moments

Son offers us many moments that are funny, sweet, thoughtful, inspiring, encouraging, and in a nutshell, memorable. I feel that these are "Magical Moments".  Yesterday there were several such moments, but one in particular stands out for me.

Son is a very loving, caring boy and always seems to have an "I love you" for his Mommy and Daddy. But as of late he has been experimenting with his I love you's.  As he tries to figure out how this love thing works, both Daddy and I have had our turns with "but I just love my Daddy" or "I just love my Mommy".  Now, I understand that he is only 3 and that he is only just grasping the concept of love - heck, most adults are still trying to figure this one out - but I couldn't help but be a bit hurt. Last week, while Daddy was away, I was the sole object of his affection. He said that he "just loves (me) because (I) have a soft face and Daddy's is prickley". Me being me, counselled him by stating he can love each of us for different things. Maybe me for being soft and cuddly and Daddy for being strong and giving him shoulder rides. 

Now fast forward to yesterday. Father and I both managed to finish work in time to go to pick up Son.  Father brought Son's new roller skates. As we were gearing him up with knee pads, elbow pads, helmet and skates, Son announced that he "love(s) daddy for teaching (him) to skate, but love(s) mommy for teaching (him) to kiss".

I love Son for all the magical moments he has given me.

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