Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Our bed time routine with Son is rather long and involved. I'm sure many people (including our parents) think we are nuts for continuing our labourous bed time routine. It starts with bath time (most nights) (1/2 hour), video with bed time snack (1/2 hour), books upstairs in Son's room (1/2 hour), followed by lights out with either Father or me sitting in an armchair in Son's room, with one short story recited to Son (usually about tractors), and then said parent hangs out in the armchair, in the dark, until Son is asleep.  Son does not like to sleep. Never has, and I am convinced, never will...until he himself is a parent and he can feel the same sleep deprivation we experience. Because Son does not like to sleep, and more specifically, does not like to stop being awake and doing things...bed time takes forever.  We have tried to switch things up and give Son a bit more independence in going to bed on his own (i.e. not sitting in an armchair in the dark until he falls asleep)....but this does not work.

Tonight was my turn.  As I sat in the dark I found myself thinking of all the things I wanted to get done before going to bed.  After about 10 minutes I thought Son was asleep. In fact, I thought I heard him snoring lightly. And then, out of nowhere...."Mom".  I experience some disappointment that I couldn't slip out of his room just yet..."Yes?". "Mommy I love you."  ...and he had me.  In that moment I had to fight the urge to curl up beside him in bed and wrap my arms around him.  "I know honey. I love you too.  Good night".  This was one of those magical moments.


Anonymous said...

Makes it all worthwhile doesn't it.

Besides, housework is for heffalumps.

Cousin Lisa said...

We do/did the same thing. Bath for both boys, depending on the day, 1 or 2 shows with a snack. Up to brush teeth, then depending on how late 1 or 2 or 3 stories. Then when Boy #1 was younger I'd curl up with both boys in Boy #1's bed. As he got older I was able to leave and he's now falling asleep on his own. So now after stories, tuck Boy #1 in and head off to Boy #2's room where I stay with him until he falls to sleep. Some days that is 10 mins & some days it is 60 mins. Then off to see Boy #1, if he is asleep (usually as he no longer naps) then off I go, if he is awake I crawl into bed with him until he is asleep.

Most days these are magical times. I love laying with them & listening to them chatter away until they eventually drift off. I am happy too though that Boy #1 is now able to do it himself.

Eventually Son will get there too.

Anonymous said...

Up until the sit in the chair part our routines are identical. Max was like that. I needed to be in his bed and he would have something touching me so he would wake if I tried to slip out. Now that he sleeps in Anna's room it makes all the difference. One of us now sits on the couch in the hall and it is muh easier to slip away. Maybe you could try sitting in the hall outside his room that would help him as well get use to a changing routine.