Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cabbage Coleslaw with Chia seeds

I recently harvested a cabbage from our garden.  I decided to make some coleslaw from it. If I don't figure out another easy peasy cabbage recipe, we'll be eating a lot of this slaw.  Wanting to add a bit more nutritional value to the coleslaw, I looked through my cubboards to see what I could add...and then it came to me - chia seeds. 
My coleslaw is simple, like most of the meals I make.  I don't measure anything.  It contains chopped cabbage, chopped carrots, mayonaise and now, a couple spoons of chia seeds...and a little herbamare of course.  This salad is great, but really, I have a whole lot of this cabbage and another yet to harvest.  I really have to find another recipe....or freeze it maybe?

I knew I had heard all the health benefits of chia seeds before, but as I was adding them to my salad I realized I could not remember what they were. So I looked it up.  Below is an info I cut and pasted from the Livestrong website.

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