Thursday, August 30, 2012

Growing Celery

Back in the spring I was cruising on Pinterest and found a pin about growing celery from the left over stalk of a store bought celery.  Me being me thought, "I'll try that".  And now I have a full grown celery plant in my garden.  I like buying organic produce whenever I can, but the price of organic definitely hurts my bank account.  What's great about this is that by starting with an organic celery, I am propagating organic celery.

Last week I decided that I should probably start a few more to grow inside through the fall and into the winter.

Here's how it's done.
Take a whole celery stalk and cut it about an inch from the base.
Now take the base that you cut off and place it in a dish with a little water in the bottom.
Watch over the next few days and you will see it start to grow from the center of the base.
Next, you can plant your celery in either a pot of soil inside, or in your garden. 
As for how long to wait to plant it in the soil, I have heard you can plant it after only a couple days of letting it sit in water. I waited a week before planting mine.

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Anonymous said...

Fun project\ must try.

I've read that you can do this with green onions too.