Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Home Made Creamsicles

Alright, so my homemade creamsicles likely aren't all that the store bought ones are.  But that's a good thing.  By making our own we have control over the ingredients and know what is in them. It's just a mix of yoghurt and juice. I also make some with just juice. And another variation is using extra smoothy and freezing it in the juice pop molds. Son enjoys them, all of them.  Lately on hot days, Son has been eating these as an after dinner treat, sitting in his wagon while we take Dog for her after dinner walk. Son likes to eat his with a container underneath to catch all the drips so that he can drink all those juicy drips when he is done.

Not only are they gluten free and safe for me to enjoy, they also cost a fraction of the price of the store bought ones.  We will miss juice pop season when it is over.


Anonymous said...

The boys enjoy these too - with coconut milk. I LOVE that there is no HFC syrup too!

Anonymous said...

Yummy - this is a good idea i'll try with my family.