Friday, August 10, 2012

I 'swear' I did not teach him that word.

Tonight Father, Son, and I were playing 'football team' in our livingroom.  Son had pulled chairs from the dining room to the livingroom, and I think these were to be goal posts, but I am not certain. He also pulled a bench in and that was his 'coach's corner'.  Son was coach, complete with a whistle and a cash register.  Father and I were team mates playing football, complete with a small stuffed football. Son blew his whistle and said "go play football!".  Then Son decided to give us names. Father was Football Tucker.  Then he turned to me and told me my name was "Football *ucker", followed by a couple other variations including some more ending in *ucker.  Father did a good job of keeping a straight face and pretending nothing had happened. I on the other hand could not keep from laughing.  I tried not to, I did. But really, it was just too funny. At one point I had tears streaming down my face from laughing so hard but trying to hold it in, and then booger's spraying out of my nose from no longer being able to hold it in.  I then tried to explain (cover) that I was laughing because I liked the Tucker Chucker name he had given me and thought it was pretty good.  I think he bought it because the look of pride on his face was priceless.
Father and I are not big on swearing, and since having Son, we take great care not to use harsh language around him.  I am fairly certain he had no idea that *ucker is a real word, and I am positive he did not/ does not know it is a swear word.  Gotta love the rhyming game!  I imagine I will not find it so funny when *ucker truly makes it into his vocabulary.

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Anonymous said...

Father here - just wanted to say that it's all true. Son has never - EVER - heard that word in our house (or relatives' homes that I know of). It sounds cliche, but Mom and I are not 'swearers' and are very good at controlling ourselves in times of frustration (it takes alot to make me get to that degree of 'grrr' to let slip a swear word!!).
It's a funny, cute story, and it played out so smoothly right in front of us. He didn't know that it was even a word - he just knew that a Dr. Seuss character's name is 'Tucker' and Football *ucker sounded better than Football Tucker:)

Great times!!