Monday, August 13, 2012

My New Home Made Shampoo

My new shampoo is not a shampoo at all. In fact, I have not used shampoo in weeks.  I have however been using baking soda.  I had read on several blogs about using baking soda as a hair wash. ...and I figured I did not have anything to lose by trying it.  Oh, it was nice.  So nice that I have been using it for a few weeks now.  In the blogs I read, some people talked about a wacky transition period where your hair is greasy and gross, but I did not experience that.  I follow the baking soda wash with an apple cider vinegar rinse.  At first, I was using the baking soda solution on all off my hair...but it was starting to dry out my hair a bit. So now I just pour a small amount on my scalp area and rub in for a few seconds...maybe 20 seconds (not sure as I have never really timed it) and then rinse out well.  Next I pour the apple cider vinegar rinse on the ends of my hair, and avoid getting it on my scalp.  After pouring the rinse on my hair I clip my hair up and let it sit until I am finished in the shower...then rinse. This system seems to work best.  I was not completely keen on the smell of the vinegar, so tried adding some essential oils to it. I absolutely love the smell, and I feel like the essential oils help to hydrate my hair as well.

Baking Soda Hair Wash
1/3 C Baking Soda
2-3 C of Warm Water
Mix ingredients in an easy pour bottle. Some people use empty shampoo bottles. I use a Rubbermade water bottle with a flip top because I did not have an empty shampoo bottle.  
I keep the bottle in the shower, and shake before every use.

Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse
1/3 C Apple Cider Vinegar
2 C Water
3 drops Peppermint Essential Oil
2 drops Lavender Essential Oil
Mix ingredients in an easy pour bottle. Again, I use a Rubbermade water bottle with a flip top because I did not have an empty shampoo bottle.  
I keep this bottle in the shower as well, and shake before every use.

I use these solutions daily. However I'm finding that I only use a small amount.  For the hair wash I concentrate my efforts on the scalp, and for the rinse I concentrate on the length of my hair and not my scalp.  This is what has worked for me.

I find that if my hair feels like it is getting dry, I use my shampoo bar for a single washing and then switch back to the baking soda wash.

I have not used these solutions on Son. It is hard enough to get him to wash his hair so I thought it best not to try something this 'different' on him.  Husband is still using up all my old tocopheryl filled solutions (tocopheryl can be gluten derived).

I like these solutions because they are simple, I can make them, I know what is in them and there are no chemicals, I can pronounce the ingredients, they are gluten free, and they are really inexpensive.  I think I paid $4.29 for a huge box of baking soda and likely about the same or less for a 1 litre bottle of apple cider vinegar.

Do you use something unconventional to clean your hair?  If so I would love to hear about it.


Anonymous said...

It does smell very good - I'm using it now and i like the thickness of it too (i was worried it would be too watery). Thanks Wife:)

Gluten Free Mom said...

Husband didn't realize that he's not using my new shampoo. He's using up my old shampoos. :) But when I told him this after reading his comment, he did say that he still think my hair smells nice. :)