Monday, August 6, 2012

Vacation and Garden Update

We've returned from a week long vacation, and tomorrow is our first day back to daycare and work.  I have had a wonderful week with our family.  We rented a small cottage on the water and got away from it all.  We met a nice family in the cottage next door and enjoyed watching the children play.  A few family and friends visited us, as we were (purposely) close to where they live and don't get to see them often. We're so glad we got to visit with them all, and only wish we could have seen them more. Son had a blast fishing with father even though no fish were caught.  We all enjoyed the water, and making sandcastles of course. An entire loaf of bread was used to feed the ducks.  A skunk was smelled but not seen.  A raccoon was spotted darting off another cottage deck.  A fire ban prevented us from having a campfire, but that was ok with us.  Meals were much easier than they are when doing road trips or visiting at other peoples houses, given that we had our own kitchen to work in. that was a vacation.  

Our neighbours were very kind and took care of watering the garden while we were away (thank you neighbours!).  Otherwise, we wouldn't have much to show for all our hard work.  The garden took a bit of a beating earlier in July.  Squirrels were getting in over the chicken wire and ate most of the cucumber plants and most of Son's corn, as well as the pumpkin plants.  After that we enclosed the top in chicken wire as well.  This stopped the rodents from getting at the garden, but it has also made it a tad difficult for us to get in to do weeding.  Today I took the wire off the top (briefly, as I don't trust that the rodents won't eat the rest of the garden) and harvested a little bit.  The carrots you see below are just a few I picked the thin them out. The cabbage was salvaged as it split while we were away. The lettuce didn't grow well, so what is in the picture is all I got from the lettuce we planted.  I thought the beans were done before we went away, but I found a few stragglers. Our baby tomatoes are growing well, but the other tomato plants aren't doing as well as I had hoped.  No tomatoes in this picture though...we ate them last night!  After harvesting the lettuce and cabbage, I planted some onions and more carrots in hope that we may just be able to get a long enough growing season for these late plantings. As I washed what I had gathered today I felt very proud of what we have accomplished in the garden this year. It is fresh, it is pesticide free, it tastes fantastic, and we are growing our own food.

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