Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Home Made Orange Cleaner

While trolling the internet for things to make for my green home transformation, I kept coming across an orange cleaner. I finally took the bait and read about it. ...and learned that it was super easy and inexpensive to make.  So on the back of my counter sits a large glass jar filled with clementine and grapefruit peels soaking in vinegar.  They have been sitting for three weeks now.  My understanding from all I have read is that it will work best if I let it sit for 1 month.  That is a long time for a girl like me to wait.  At the two week mark I got impatient, or perhaps I could put it more positively and say "excited" and tried using a bit to scrub the bath tub.  I wasn't totally thrilled about the results, so it continues to sit on the back of the kitchen counter for another couple of weeks.  In the mean time, my green cleaner will be diluted castile soap and baking soda for scrubbing action.

My understanding is that this orange cleaner is good for cleaning just about anything, from bathrooms and kitchen counters to mirrors and windows.  To make this frugal green cleaner I collected citrus peals (I used clementine and grapefruit but I understand any citrus fruit will work) and placed them in a jar. I then filled the jar 3/4 full with vinegar (white for me, but I bet apple cider would work too). Every time I peeled a clementine or grapefruit I added the peels to the jar. It sits on the back of my counter and every now and again I give it a gentle shake to stir things up.  As I mentioned, I read that ideally it should sit for a month before using. Once it's ready I will place it in a (repurposed) spray bottle and dilute with water.    I believe the dilution ratio is 1:1.  

I am tired of feeling like I need a gas mask to clean my bathroom and I love that this cleaner is chemical free.  I also love that it is so frugal and uses items I would have thrown out anyways.

Anyone else use green cleaners? What do you use and how would I make it? I'm always looking for new ideas....


Anonymous said...

Love your idea.

I use "green cleaners" often too. My favorite for disinfecting is Tea Tree oil in the mop bucket, or on the microfibre mop head that gets thrown in the laundry.

Vinegar with Tea Tree and Oregano oil in a spray bottle wipes down my counters. (Shaken, not stirred:)

And peroxide in a spray bottle cleans off my bathroom sink, and toilet.

I just like experimenting, so I'll be adding your citrus cleaner to my TO DO list. (Once I find my counters after canning!)Many thanks for sharing!


Gluten Free Mom said...

Thanks for the ideas. I've only just begun to get green in the cleaning department so I love hearing what others are doing.