Monday, September 24, 2012

Hot Ginger Drink

One reaches a point when they get tired of checking the ingredients on every item they purchase.  Whether it be food, beverage, or personal care products, this is what I must do.  There are those things I cannot accept as an ingredient (i.e. gluten, caffeine, chocolate, corn, soy, etc.), and then there are those things I choose not to accept as ingredients (i.e. flouride, parabens, 'natural' flavouring, etc.). 

As the weather has gotten a tad cooler, the leaves have started turning colour, and I have been wanting a warm drink. I cannot drink coffee, hot chocolate, or caffeinated or decaffeinated teas, so those are out. A couple weeks ago I was looking for plain jane ginger tea at the grocery store.  After checking a few boxes I had a brain 'toot' : "Why am I looking for this premade when I can purchase ginger root and make my own, sans additives".  I turned the cart around and headed back to the produce section. For mere pennies I purchased a beautiful ginger root and have been making my own.

All that is necessary to make this hot ginger drink is to boil some water, slice some ginger, add water to ginger in mug, and sweeten with honey.

Simple, warm comfort.  Free of everything but ginger. Full of health benefits.  Yes, I googled that too, and here is what I found:

Contains antioxidants, minerals and vitamins such as magnesium and vit. c., calcium, essential fatty acids, and iron.

1. Impedes Motion Sickness

2. Combats Stomach Discomfort
3. Reduces Inflammation
4. Fights Common Respiratory Problems (i.e. colds, coughs, allergies)
5. Encourages Blood Circulation
6. Remedies Menstrual Discomfort
7. Strengthens Immunity
8. Relieves Stress
9. Anticlotting Agent
10. Antifungul
11. Antiseptic
12. Antiviral properties
11. Increases Metabolic Rate
12. Minimizes Mucous
13. Aids with colitis
14. Aids with healing prostate cancer as well several other types of cancer.



Anonymous said...

I make a tea that my husband and I love! It is from mama earth organics ( In a mason jar you put sliced organic ginger in a layer on the bottom, fill the jar with organic lemon slices and then pour in raw unpasteurized honey to fill. Put it in the fridge where it keeps for 2-3 months (although we go through it way sooner!) For tea, scoop out a couple teaspoons and add boiling spring water. So good! -TY

Gluten Free Mom said...

Thanks for this idea TY. I'll have to give it a try and will post about it when I do!