Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Zucchini Pasta - Gluten Free

I had a brainiac idea for my lunch this past week. I loved it so much the first day that I made it 2 more times.  It all started on the weekend when I made a pesto zucchini salad.  Actually, to be completely accurate, it all started in July when Sister In Law made a dish using zucchini as a pasta replacement, topped with a fresh pesto sauce.  This memory set me in motion to make my own zucchini pasta dish.

To do this, I peeled a zucchini and cut it into 2 inch sections.  Using my benriner (a mandolin to some I believe) I cut the zucchini into what resembles pasta. I added a bit of pesto and stirred.  It was delicious. At least I thought so. Husband did not like it so much but I thought it was great.  

From there, I woke up Monday morning looking for a quick and easy lunch.  I cut a zucchini up with the benriner again, except this time I added a couple table spoons of salsa and a bit of dried pesto. 

Now that was so good that I had it again the next day. (I had to make it again to take pictures for the blog!) This time I just used the peeler to make my zucchini noodles and then added the salsa and pesto.  The combinations are endless I am sure.

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