Monday, October 1, 2012

Family Campout

This past weekend, we took Son on a campout.  This was not just any traditional campout. It was a playroom campout.  We started the evening with an early bath - with glow sticks.  This is an idea I remembered seeing on Pinterest.  We were in the dollar store that day and when I saw them, a light bulb went off in my head. I remembered having glow sticks at a campfire when I was a kid...and then I remembered the Pinterest  pin on putting glow sticks in the bathtub...and I figured this would be a hit with Son.  I was right.  Thank you dollar store, and thank you Pinterest. I think we all thought it was pretty neat to have a bath in the dark by the light of glow sticks.

After bath we moved to the basement playroom where we had some more fun with the glow sticks.  Then we all set up our beds.  Son got a 1 man tent for Christmas from his Nanna last year (or maybe it was his birthday?) and we set that up for Son with every pillow possible to make in nice and cozy for him.

Then Daddy got his flashlight/lantern out and we used that as our campfire to roast marshmallows.  Marshmallows are not a staple in our home so this was a real treat.

We finished with story books read by flashlight, and everyone to bed a bit early.

I was worried about how much sleeping might actually occur, but Son did not wake up once and we all slept in.  This was definitely a memorable time for us all...and perhaps a new tradition in our family.


Anonymous said...

One of the (many) best times of my life with you two :) I love you so incredibly!

-Your Dear Husband (aka Daddy)

Cousin Lisa said...

That is a great tradition to start & so much fun!!