Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fresh Homemade Pumpkin Puree

Autumn surrounds us with its' brightly coloured leaves, crisp cool air, and hints that Halloween is near. Tis the season of pumpkins.  Last friday I came home from work and was greeted yet again by the three grinless pumpkins on our front step. We got four of them a couple of weeks ago. Three were to be for carving and one for cooking. One got carved and has since rotted and made it's way to the green bin. The other three play on my guilt every day when I walk up the steps.  Last Friday was mentally marked as my day to tackle the pumpkin that needed to be cooked. I had procrastinated long enough, but I just didn't feel like trying to hack open a pumpkin and then struggle to get all those goopy guts out.  So in I came from work and I did one last thing to procrastinate ...I checked my blog...and the blogs of those I follow. And there was the answer to all my worries.  Lightlycrunchy had posted a very neat, tidy, and efficient way to cook a pumpkin without all that hassle I was wanting to avoid.  On the very day that I wrote a post about being thankful, I was super thankful for Lightlycrunchy's post.

The method was simple.
I washed my pumpkin.
Then I used a knife to carefully slice some holes in the top. Nothing fancy. Knife goes in, knife goes out.  Just stab it basically.
The pumpkin then baked -whole!- for 1 hour at 350 degrees.

After roasting away for an hour, out came said pumpkin.
Pumpkin was sliced in half and left to cool for a few minutes.

I scooped out the guts, and this was easy compared to my old method of doing it before cooking the pumpkin.
Then I scooped out the flesh into my food processor and gave it a whirl in there till it was smooth.
And then I was done.
This was by far the easiest pumpkin cooking adventure I have had, thanks to Lightlycrunchy.
Dog and I have been enjoying this pureed pumpkin.  (Separately I mean.  Hers in her dog food, and mine in my pumpkin spice latte). Dog was slightly hesitant to eat hers at first. I think this was because it was such a bright orange colour compared to the dark colour of canned pumpkin.  But she has warmed up to it and seems to be enjoying it.  I too have been enjoying how fresh it tastes and prefer it to canned pumpkin.

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