Thursday, October 4, 2012

Toothpaste Recipe - Variation #2

Toothpaste, the regular stuff may not seem all that expensive. But try switching to the natural, green, sls, flouride free brands and it makes a dent in the grocery budget.  A while back I decided to make my own toothpaste....and I did.  My first reaction was that it was very salty but I got over that and kept brushing.  Besides, I like salty things, it didn't have any yucky unnecessary additives, and it played nice with my money.  When Husband's Tom's ran out he said he wanted to give mine a try.  I decided that he likely wouldn't tolerate my first recipe, so decided to adjust it so that he might just like it.  I don't have accurate measurements since I just quickly whipped it up but essentially this is what it contains:

coconut oil
baking soda
peppermint essential oil/ peppermint extract

I used coconut oil to give it a little more toothpaste like feeling, less course, more smooth.  Basically I placed a couple tablespoons of coconut oil in a container and mixed in baking soda  a couple teaspoons at a time until I got the right consistency. Then I added 5-10 drops of pepper mint essential oil (you can also use peppermint extract).  Husband isn't sold on it though so he's still using Toms.  Perhaps if I added something to make it a bit sweeter.  I've heard of people using xylitol for this.

While it didn't rank high on the husband rating, I do like this toothpaste recipe better than the first.  And I have heard good things about xylitol being good for oral health. I will give an update if I do add it.  Watch for variation #3....

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Anonymous said...

Awaiting, patiently.

I've also heard that xylitol is good. I think it makes it sticky though. I have mouthwash that has xylitol in it...and the residue (on the bottle) is sticky. Regardless, I look forward to your update. Tea tree & cinnamon oil also good for oral health. My kids don't like it though.