Monday, November 26, 2012

Holiday Season Is Here

The Holiday season has begun...officially. It was marked this past weekend with our annual tradition of being spectators of a local Santa Claus parade. Son had a blast watching the parade with his cousins, but was more interested in the fire trucks in the parade than Santa himself.  I guess we're still lucky this year.  There were candy canes flying at us from every direction, but after Halloween's stomach upsets (with just a few pieces of candy), Son easily gave up his candy cane stash after having just one tiny candy cane.  

With being bombarded with images and scents of beautiful foods, it's easy this time of year for me to start feeling the blues for all the good food I won't be able to eat with my many food restrictions.  But really, feeling healthy is much better than the side effects of eating all the contraband.   No turkey, no gravy, no dairy, no chocolate, no gluten equals a happy me this year - yes happy.  I'm come to terms with reality. I've learned that I need to prepare for holiday meals by preparing something ahead of time that I can take and share with others so that I don't starve and don't feel left out when deserts or other delicious foods are being served.  I've learned eating all those contraband items make me feel like crud anyways, all bloated and exhausted.  I've learned.  Delicious food doesn't have to harm or hurt.

I look forward to trying a few new recipes this holiday season and sharing them with you. 
Are you gluten free too?  What will you be cooking up in your kitchen?

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