Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Beautiful Lengths - Donating My Hair

While Son was cozying up in my belly almost four years ago, my hair grew super long, super fast. Once he was born I decided to cut my hair short and donate it to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program to be made into a wig for cancer patients.  It was likely the best gift I could ever give. It cost me absolutely nothing and I am sure it meant the world to whoever received it. Two years later I did the same thing.  In June I will have been growing my hair for two years and will be donating it for a third time.  I encourage others to do the same.  As I mentioned, it costs you nothing, and best of all, it will grow back and you can do it all over again.  


Above is the link to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths page.  Check it out for their guidelines for hair length requirements, hairstyle suggestions, and some touching stories.

My June goal is so close, and as I get closer to this date I'm getting antsy to cut my hair.  If you're following me on Pinterest you'll likely see that I have created a new board to collect hairstyle possibilities.  When the day comes, I'll be sure to post before and afters, but until then, I'm on the search for a cute new do.

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Cousin Lisa said...

At the end of February after almost 2 full years of growing my hair I too donated to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. I went shorter than I had planned because I was SO done with hair as long as I had. I'm used to shoulder length and not much longer. So though I went shorter, I'm kind of enjoying it & I think I'll keep it for a while. Not sure I'll grow it out again, but it is a possibility for sure! Good for you for doing it for the third time!! Can't wait to see before and after pictures!