Thursday, April 11, 2013

I Ate My Experiment for Lunch.

Today my lunch was a bit of a science experiment.  With 5 minutes (likely less) to go before heading out the door to work this morning, I opened the door of the fridge to package last night's leftovers for my lunch....except they were gone.  Apparently Husband was pretty hungry after playing hockey last night and ate the leftovers. Surprise!  Oh crap.  I had to think of something super fast to take for my lunch.  My eyes rested on a carton of eggs. I grabbed two eggs, some mayo, and some bread and rushed out the door figuring I'd find some way to cook the eggs in the kitchenette at work.  Well, I came up with an idea.

At work, I boiled a kettle of water.  Then I placed the eggs in my insulated mug, pouring the boiling water to the brim.  The lid to the mug is missing, so I covered it with a plate, left the covered mug on the counter, and headed into a meeting with my fingers crossed. An hour and a half later I took a moment to check on those dear eggs. The water was still I dared to peel the eggs and they were cooked.... truly boiled eggs.  So for lunch I managed to make an egg salad sandwich. So glad my science experiment worked.  When you have a gluten sensitivity/intolerance/celiac it's not so easy to just 'pick something up' for lunch when you're in a rush.  Careful planning is key to having a filled tummy. ...and when careful planning goes out the window, science experiments add a bit of excitement.

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