Thursday, May 9, 2013

I Can Sew Do This

My summer wardrobe is looking a bit sad again this year and is needing a bit of a 'pick-me-up'.  The boys seem to be set for the season, but my closet is still lacking. So my solution involves a bit of sewing. I was in a fabric store recently and bought some end of the roll material (denim) and some 40% off cotton and jersey knit.  Walking through the store I felt the need to touch the fabrics and was pulled from this brightly coloured bolt to that fabulous textured one. I was filled of visions of what I could make. I realized I had become my mother, and also that I was feeling like a type 2 in that moment (Carol Tuttle - Energy Profiling). The fabrics I was drawn to were ones that were soft and comfortable (type 2) and yet the colours were a more bold (type 4).

Mother is an excellent seamstress. She sewed every prom dress I ever wore and even sewed Sister's wedding dress.  I can't say that I'm up to anything as complicated as a dress, but I knew that if I tried I could put my "Merry Christmas Me" Singer machine to work and create a decent skirt. And so sew I did. I created said 'decent' skirt from the $4 remnant denim. No pattern.  I laid out the fabric and placed one of my favourite skirts on top. I didn't even trace and boldly cut around my skirt while crossing my fingers in my head. I have done some sewing, and know how to use a sewing machine but have never endevoured to make a piece of clothing. When I was finished, I found that I was impressed with myself, and my new skirt.

With my wardrobe up in count by one work appropriate item and my confidence slightly inflated, I set to work last night to create a pair of capris. This one wasn't from scratch.  I bought a pair of pants a few years ago that turned out to be too short.  Feeling it would be such a waste to get rid of them, I never did.  Last night those flood pants were transformed into a great pair of capris shorts.  Knowing that I have at least one more pair of too short pants in my closet, there will be more home sewn capris in my future.  As well, there are a couple more new skirts in my future. I have the 40% off fabric ready and waiting.

Each of these projects took me less than an hour to create - which is less time than it would take me to go shopping for new clothes, and cost me a whole lot less as well. Oh yes, and my Singer is so nice and quiet that I was able to pull it all together while Son slept soundly in his bed.

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