Friday, May 17, 2013

Product Review - Gluten Free Pantry Chocolate Chip Cookie & Cake Mix

Daddy was out last Saturday morning sealing the deal on a new to us vehicle and trading in our older one.  Son and I stayed home.  It was our first rainy day in a long time, and playing in doors seems foreign now.  Son had the brilliant idea to do some baking.  First he asked for Snowballs, so we whipped those up.  But that didn't take very long. So then he said he wanted to make cookies. Normally I would set out to make them from scratch. However, our kitchen was somewhat of a disaster already so the thought of creating a million more dishes didn't intrigue me.  So I rooted under the counter until I found a cookie mix.  We like the Gluten Free Pantry Mixes in our house. I prefer to cook and bake from scratch, but when the occasion arises that this is not feasible, Gluten Free Pantry works for me.

All that is needed is the mix, 2 eggs, butter (or coconut oil for a dairy free version), and 2 tsp vanilla.

Son mixed it all together and then abandoned me when it came to forming the balls.  The mix made 26 large cookies.  They passed Son's taste test....and Daddy's...and mine.

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