Friday, July 12, 2013

Hair Spray Ran Out - Made My Own

Well, my hair spray finally ran out.  So I made my own, and refilled the empty bottle.
It was simple enough to make, and only consists of 3 ingredients.
Yes. Just 3.

Essential Oil

Optional: Rubbing Alcohol (I left it out so that it wouldn't dry out my hair.)

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1 cup Water
2 Tbspn sugar
6 drops essential oil of your choice.

Chamomile is good for blondes. Rosemary for brunettes.

In warm-hot water I dissolved the sugar.
I let it cool. Then I added the essential oil, and poured it into my spray bottle.

The next and crucial step is to give it a try.  I admit, I was leery. 
It works just fine.  And now I will never have to use another store bought chemical filled hairspray solution with plasticisers and other ingredients I can't pronounce let alone comprehend.  What a waste of money and health.

I figure it's definitely worth a try.  And if you don't like it, all you've lost is a couple cents worth of sugar and essential oils.


Cousin Lisa said...

My only concern would be about wasps, bees, anything attracted by sugar/sweet. Have you noticed a problem with that? Or have you used it long enough to notice?

Gluten Free Mom said...

I have been using this hairspray since making it...which was shortly before blogging about it. I haven't noticed a problem with wasps or bees being attracted to it. I still like it better than the store bought stuff. No going back for me on this one.