Thursday, September 25, 2014

Smiling Tomato?

It's been forever...or what seems like forever since I took the time to sit down and write a blog article.  I mean, really...I've gone all summer without even giving a garden update.  Well, I'll give you a short one. It was a disastrous garden year.  Nothing has really grown well. We got some celery, and baby tomatoes, a couple cucumbers, a little bit of kale, and a bowl full of roma tomatoes from our 8 tomato plants - but nothing much to brag about.  Yesterday I decided to make a toasted tomato sandwich for lunch with one of our home grown tomatoes. So I sliced it up, and looking back at me was a smiley face.  From the look of the smile though it seems this tomato was confused and thought he was a jack-o-lantern.

Well, whatever the case, yesterday was the perfect day for me to receive this hidden smile.  I have been working so hard to prepare for participating in the Etsy: Made in Canada show taking place this weekend (in major Cities across the country - maybe there's one near you).  I'm very excited but exhausted from the prep and so very nervous to be taking part in a show of this magnitude!  
So my smiling tomato was exactly what I needed. And it tasted great too.


Anonymous said...


Sure hope your show was all you hoped it would be you :) ~ there you go, another smile :)

Anonymous said...

More blogs please :)

Gluten Free Mom said...

Thank you anonymous! My show was fantastic...and the smiles are appreciated. :) As for more blogging...time is precious...but I'll see what I can do.