Friday, December 5, 2014

Peace & Calming to our Rescue

When the new school year started and Son didn't seem to have any problems going to school I was ecstatic.  Last year was a different story. Almost every morning we had to convince him that school was good and he would have tears necessary. His comfort with going to school this year was short lived unfortunately. He soon began clinging to us, crying, and begging us not to go. Inevitably a teacher would come help by pealing him off of us, taking his hand and finding a distraction. It wasn't a pretty picture and definitely not comfortable for any of us.   Several weeks into this heartbreaking routine, I said to myself, there must be away to make this a better experience for Son.  At that time I had one bottle of Young Living essential oils that I had bought months before for myself - Peace & Calming.  

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The scent of this oil is gorgeous and I tend to use it before bed when I'm having troubles sleeping.  Well, I thought that if it helps me, it might just help son to "peace out" about going to school.  So I applied a bit (diluted in olive oil for his sensitive skin) to the back of his neck and had him take a big whiff of it.  He LOVES the smell of it and lucky for me, this works to my advantage since he normally won't let me put anything on him that resembles a lotion.  I didn't tell him why I was putting it on him just in case it didn't work and so that we didn't have a placebo effect. I wanted to know if it would really help.  I crossed my fingers and off we went to school.  That day, more than 4 weeks ago, was the last day he struggled with separation anxiety saying goodbye at school drop off.  We walked into the yard and instead of clinging to my leg and looking up with sad desperate eyes, a big lip, and tears running down his cheeks, he gave me a quick hug and then said "bye mama" and ran off to play.  I was amazed, but not sold that the oils had worked. A part of me thought that it was a fluke and that the next day would be a return of his old routine of struggling to say goodbye at school drop off separation anxiety.  We have been applying the oils every morning, and every morning it's the same "bye mama".  I'm now convinced that this oil is our saviour.  I only wish that I had figured this out last year.  I have since invested in several other Young Living essential oils to help with other various health concerns and I am so very pleased with the results.  Before jumping in with both feet, I did my research on the company and the testimonials of others.  This, combined with our experience is what sold me on the quality of Young Living products.  

If you think you might be interested in giving Young Living oils a try, stay tuned for my next post which will explain how you can save 24% on your purchases of Young Living essential oils.   Feel free to pop into my new Facebook page as well where I will be sharing monthly specials and other information on using Young Living essential oils.

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