Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Earth Day Message brought to you by Prince Ea (Richard Williams)

I admit it. I am not a rap fan.  But I recently watched a few videos by rapper and American Activist Prince Ea and was impressed by his messages. 
Today, being Earth Day, I thought I would share with you this video by Prince Ea, Dear Future Generations: Sorry.
How will we redirect this?  Today is Earth Day, but if we are going to alter the story of our earth's destruction we must treat every day as earth day. It is up to you, and you, and you, and me.  It is our responsibility to change our habits, stop accepting what has become the norm for the purpose of ease and profit, and demand more from our actions.  Take a stand so that future generations can enjoy the earth as we do rather than being burdened with the near impossible task of reversing the damage we caused to our earth or at the very least let happen.  This is within our control.  
How will you redirect this?


Anonymous said...

Great -- another idea ...

Explore the Reggio Emilia education philosophy of education. It promotes more natural elements in the classroom, and using natural materials at play. You can support this education practise by collecting acorns, and pinecones and offering these materials to your child's classroom educators. Offer plants as gifts, and send in artifacts of nature, such as old bird nests, or feathers. You will inspire the next generation and have an impact on the values they will carry with them.

Gluten Free Mom said...

Thanks for that idea! Yes, bringing elements from nature into the classroom is a great practice and so exciting for the kids!