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Clean Drinking & Bathing Water: Why We Use a Berkey

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For years, Husband and I felt (very) uneasy about drinking and cooking with our tap water. We didn't feel comfortable ingesting the chemicals added to our water by our municipality (chlorine and fluoride to name a few), and were nervous about metals and other potentially harmful materials leaching into our water from the pipes that transport it from the water processing plant to our home.  Although not directly impacted by the Walkerton Water Scandal of the 2000*, we were well aware of its occurrence at the time and it left us feeling more than uncomfortable to consume municipal tap water knowing that errors can and will occur.  

*[An E.coli outbreak occurred  in May 2000 when E. Coli bacteria contaminated the water supply of the community of Walkerton, Ontario, Canada and the water supply was not effectively filtered/purified before consumed by the town's residents.  Several people died and thousands became ill as a result.)

We used a Brita for a while, but knew that it wasn't filtering enough to solve our concerns, make us comfortable, or healthy.  

Then we turned to water jugs purchased at the grocery store, and even looked at having a water service.  This solution wasn't effective and didn't last long for several reasons, a few of them being: 1) our water tasted like plastic, 2) the harmful chemicals that were probably leaching from the plastic into our water and therefore into our bodies, 3) the waste created by the plastic jugs.

We looked at getting a home water filtration system, but to be honest, as important as our health is to us, it was beyond our financial means.  

A little over 6 months ago, the answer came to us in the name of the Berkey Water System.

We researched a few similar to this system, but after reading reviews and doing our homework, we decided to purchase the Travel Berkey Water System.  Berkey offers a comparison review on their site as well. Click here to view this comparison. 

There are several different Berkey sizes and models. Underestimating the amount of water we consume, we purchased the smallest (Travel Berkey), and in hind sight should have purchased the Big Berkey or even the Royal Berkey. 

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This blog has done a review on the Berkey as well, so you may be interested in giving it a read as well.
We REALLY like our Berkey.  It's a counter top gravity fed water purification system that takes up very little space in our kitchen, and is easy to set up and use.  It was cost effective, and most importantly, it filters out all of the impurities we were concerned about and more to a higher degree than most of the other comparable systems (viruses, bacteria, micro-organisms, inorganic materials such as chlorine, heavy metals, etc.) (click here for more info on this from the Berkey site).  Berkey also offers the option of adding a fluoride filter, which we did add since fluoride is unfortunately still added to our municipality's water.  In addition, we wanted to be sure we were still getting the necessary minerals from our water, so have added alkalizing mineralizing stones to the lower reservoir.

The Berkey system covered our drinking and cooking water needs, but what about bathing?  I have read plenty on the harmful effects of bathing in chlorinated water and all those other water 'contaminates'. Our skin is our largest organ and is very absorptive. What we put on our skin matters, I know this.  So those 'relaxing' showers were less than relaxing for me knowing that we were absorbing all of those potentially dangerous chemicals through our skin.  When we had son and bathed him in this same chemical filled water, my feelings of discomfort increased exponentially.  

I needed a solution for clean bathing water as well. When I discovered that Berkey also offers a shower filter that easily connects to your existing shower head, I was truly relieved.   We installed our shower filter at the same time that we purchased and started using our Travel Berkey and are thrilled with both of these systems.

Please note that I am not receiving any payment or perks from Berkey or any related company for that matter for writing this article.  I am simply sharing my family's experience with the brand.  I encourage you to consider using a similar water filter and doing the research just as our family did.

If you do decide to get a Berkey, and live in Canada, we purchased our Berkey through Conscious Water (affiliate link) in Collingwood Ontario.  Their prices were very reasonable, shipping was fast and free.  My experience with them was great and I am happy to refer you to them as well. (Nope, I don't know them. I'm only passing on info on my positive experience.)

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