Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Oh Berkey Water Filter...How I Love Thee

I am absolutely in love...with my Berkey water filter.  
Just over a year ago, our family invested in a Berkey water filter.  We purchased the the Travel sized stainless steel unit with 2 black Berkey Carbon filters that remove bacteria, chlorine and other unwanted elements like bacteria and lead, but also 2 PF2 Fluoride reduction filters.  At the time, we also purchased a filter for our shower head.  I wrote about them here.  

Prior to purchasing our lovely Berkey, we had been buying our water in large jugs from the grocery store because we didn't feel confident with the quality of our city water.  But we also didn't feel all that confident about the quality of water coming out of these big PLASTIC jugs (you know how I feel about plastic, right?).  For all we knew, this water could have been bottled city water, packaged in plastic, sitting days/weeks/months sitting in hot warehouses before it reached supermarket shelves, leaching harmful chemicals into the water we then ingested.  

The Berkey was our money saving, health saving alternative to these plastic jugs.  It is easy to set up, easy to fill, and (in our opinion) the water tastes so much better than what comes out of tap, which to us means that it contains far less contaminants. 

We absolutely loved our Berkey, but the Travel size just wasn't producing enough water to sustain us.  With our family expanding (Baby#2 is due in June), it was time to upgrade to a larger unit.  

We decided to purchase the Royal Berkey, which is stainless steel as well.  Yes, these units are a bit of an investment.  But before purchasing our Berkey we researched other similar units as well as those that hook up to the home water supply and found that this is a far more affordable and effective filtration system than the competitors.

And what did we do with our original Berkey?  Well, these units certainly do hold their value.  We sold it on our local buy and sell website (but not before we received our new Berkey of course!) to another new and happy Berkey owner taking charge of their health through the quality of water they are consuming.  Berkey to the rescue.  

I won't get into the benefits of not ingesting chlorine and fluoride here and will instead leave that for another post...but if you would like to learn more about what all the Berkey will filter, visit this Berkey site for some of their stats and contaminant filtration test results.  I will mention though that with our new Royal Berkey, we purchased the Black Berkey Primer pump which made the job of priming the filters a LOT easier.  I also took the time to purge the original Berkey's filters before passing it along to it's new owner.  The stuff I saw come off those filters made me SOOO happy that we have invested in and are using a Berkey water filter.  Better a Berkey filter than my body filtering all that gross stuff out of the water.

It can be difficult to locate a Berkey Water Filter distributor in Canada. As I recall from our initial search, there don't seem to be many of them.  But this time around we didn't even bother researching retailers since we already found one that proved to be trustworthy and has excellent customer service.  Conscious Water is based in Collingwood, ON.  but ships all over country (and offers free shipping for those making a purchase over $175 in Canada). They also have coupon codes for those purchasing 2-3 units (5%), and 4-5+ units (10%), which is a nice way to save a bit of money.  When we purchased our first unit we knew a couple other family members who were interested in purchasing a unit as well so we all received a discount by purchasing our units together.

Just like the first time, Scott from Conscious Water came through for us. They were super fast to process and ship our order. We ordered on a Friday, it shipped on a Saturday, and we received it on the Monday morning. Did I mention they offer free shipping?  I noted above that we purchased the filter primer/purging tool, but we also purchased the sight glass spigot this time.  Having used a Berkey both without and with this feature, I can honestly say that the sight glass spigot is invaluable and well worth the extra investment.  Now we never have to wonder if there is enough water in the bottom unit, how much water we should be refilling the top unit with, or whether we are putting in too much (which will cause the bottom unit to overflow).   I can't say enough good things about the Berkey filter or Conscious Water.  If you would like to check them out, here's the link to their website.  

If you have any questions for me about using these Berkey units, let me know. I'd be happy to help if I can.

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